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About ECOC

We’re looking forward to meeting you in Glasgow, famed for its architecture, music, food and drink, scenery and lots more besides.

Many leading names in science and engineering have a connection to Scotland, including electromagnetics and optics pioneers James Clerk Maxwell and David Brewster, and Lord Kelvin, Alexander Graham Bell and John Logie Baird.

Glasgow was also the birthplace of the architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and you can still see his influence in many of Glasgow’s finest buildings.

ECOC is one of the leading conferences on optical communication, and attracts scientists and researchers from across the world. When you attend, you can look forward to hearing about new innovations, initiatives and results from some of the world’s top researchers in both industry and academia.

ECOC is the key meeting place to share knowledge, exchange ideas, foster innovation and start collaborations on a global level.

1594 attendees


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409 papers presented


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30 countries attended ECOC 2019

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What people say about ECOC

“High technical quality, well prepared conference and social events”

“This is a good chance to meet all distinguished scientists from all over the world”

“The invited talks covered the hottest current topics”

“ECOC is always providing the latest R&D results and shows future trend of communications”

“Poster sessions were very relaxed and good for interaction with presenters”

“Great papers and outstanding social events”